Friday, January 26, 2018 8:00PM
Copley Symphony Hall

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A Jacobs Masterworks Concert

Steven Schick, conductor
Aiyun Huang, percussion
Gregory Cohen, percussion
Andrew Watkins, percussion
Erin Douglas Dowrey, percussion
Ryan J. DiLisi, percussion

RAVEL: Suite (5 pièces enfantines) from Ma Mère l'Oye (Mother Goose)
TAKEMITSU: From me flows what you call Time
MAZZOLI: Rouge River Transfiguration
BARTÓK: Suite from The Miraculous Mandarin, Op. 19

Check out the San Diego Union-Tribune's outstanding review of this concert!

This concert explores the curious relationship between music and time. Rhythm can give programmatic music the texture that moves the story along, such as the tales in Maurice Ravel’s gentle Suite from Mother Goose, or Béla Bartók’s highly charged narrative of The Miraculous Mandarin. Sometimes the rhythms themselves, and the instruments that create them, can suggest and movingly transform an environment as prosaic as an auto factory, as in Missy Mazzoli’s River Rouge Transfiguration. And then there is Tora Takemitsu’s From me flows what you call Time, which arguably exists outside of rhythm…and even time!

Soloists include all three members of the SDSO percussion section, our principal timpanist and our special guest, percussionist Aiyun Huang.

From the curator: “When Heraclitus said, ‘Everything flows; nothing stays,’ he may have had this concert in mind. Two very different views of time dominate this music. In the first, we try to control time. This is the world of clocks, machines and iPhones; it is driven, rhythmic and sometimes frantic. In the other view, we are controlled: by the ageless rhythms of nature, of rivers and tides, of the phases of the moon. The urban landscape of Béla Bartók and the auto factory of Missy Mazzoli represent the former. The latter can be heard in the ethereal stream of Toru Takemitsu’s From me flows what you call Time and the timeless children’s tales of Maurice Ravel’s gentle suite from Mother Goose. From Heraclitus again: ‘Eternity is a child playing.’” - Steven Schick

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