JOHN BEASLEY presents MONK'estra*

Thursday, August 24, 2017 7:30PM
Embarcadero Marina Park South

JOHN BEASLEY presents MONK'estra*
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John Beasley presents MONK'estra*
A Bayside Summer Nights Concert (Thursday Night Jazz)

John Beasley, bandleader

Joshua White Trio:
Joshua White, piano
Dean Hulett, bass
Dan Schnelle, percussion

Our Thursday Night Jazz finale features the MONK’estra, John Beasley's killer contemporary big band that pays a loving centennial tribute to the music of Thelonious Monk while infusing it with contemporary harmonies, unstoppable grooves and a contagious sense of fun. Concert opens with a set from San Diego’s own homegrown jazz piano genius, Joshua White, and his trio.

*The San Diego Symphony does not appear as part of this concert.

The San Diego Union-Tribune has just published a substantial interview with John Beasley, covering how he became enamored of the music of Thelonius Monk and what he learned as lead music arranger on American Idol!

John Beasley's MONK'estra has been getting GREAT reviews on their tour! Check out this review from The Guardian! Also, the Financial Times had this to say about the MONK'estra: "At this incident-packed second-house gig, the West Coast-based MONK’estra brought the project thrillingly to life with their razor-sharp ensemble work and rhythmic authenticity. Svelte ballroom swing was juxtaposed with lean hip-hop beats, and a whisper of clarinets might resolve in a fanfare of brass. There was much to absorb but, with each solo making its mark, narrative drive was sustained and always gripped."

Check out...the MONK'estra!:

MONK'estra performs Thelonius Monk's "'Round Midnight":

MONK'estra performs Thelonius Monk's "Evidence":